Online Mock Exam

Dear S6 Students

The online Mock Exam will begin next Monday (Feb 17) and we hope all of you will make use of the opportunity to gain a pre-DSE mock exam experience and are better prepared for the DSE exam.

As this Mock Exam will be conducted online, it is not under  the supervision of invigilators, and what students do during the exam is out of the school's control. Therefore, the nature of this exam will differ from the normal Mock Exam held in previous years. It will be an Open Book Exam, though we strongly advise students to finish the papers within the time allowed as in the DSE exam, and then submit it in pdf file to e-class before the deadline.

You are reminded to grasp how to upload your answer books/ own answer sheets to e-class before the exam starts. If you come across any difficulties  please seek help from your mentors, subject teachers or peers.

Academic Board