F 4 Careers Visits to Post-Secondary Institutions

A campus visit is a good opportunity for senior secondary schoolers to get a firsthand view of a post-secondary institution. To really get a feel for different colleges and universities, we need to walk around the quad, do a taster course and visit the dorms. This is why Careers & Life Planning Committee organized campus visits.


On 4 May 2018, all F 4 students visited the College of International Education of Baptist University of Hong Kong, Chu Hai College, Shue Yan University, Tung Wah College and Hong Kong Design Institute according to their preference. In addition to showing prominent landmarks such as academic buildings and residence halls, the tour guides drew heavily on their own experience to describe daily life at the colleges. It was agreed that the visits helped the students think through the decision about which colleges to apply to, and ultimately, which college to attend.