P.L.K. Vicwood K.T.Chong Sixth Form CollegeP.L.K. Vicwood K.T.Chong Sixth Form College
01 Sep 2017 Opening ceremony

Good morning, teachers and students.

May I first of all extend my warmest welcome to all of you, both our current students as well as the new comers who joined our college this academic year, to the official opening of the year 2017 – 2018 at Po Leung Kuk Vicwood K. T. Chong Sixth Form College.

I hope you have had a productive summer and now, it is time to start anew and get yourself prepared to face the challenges in the coming year. As you may have experienced or will soon be experiencing, K.T. Chong is not like an ordinary school. For all of you here are now senior secondary students, we have one common aim – to strive the best and be equipped for the DSE examinations.

It is all about motivation and determination. There are a lot you can do to achieve your own goals. Plan your studies wisely, set up revision timetable, stay engaged during classes, and be proactive to ask questions if you encounter any difficulties. It is important that you have an aspiration, set a target and work towards it. Remember to make wise use of the lesson time, pay attention to your teachers and learn from them humbly. Only if you listen to them attentively during class would you find self-revision less difficult.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the high achievers’ results in the 2017 DSE which could be your learning targets. With no doubt, our teachers will continue to provide you with different types of after-school learning support classes in order to help everyone reach the whole school's target. However, apart from our teachers’ enthusiasm and hard work, your willingness to embrace every learning opportunity both in and outside class is also one of the keys to success. Work hard on your studies and for sure, your effort will be repaid eventually. We will also be putting stronger emphasis to help students with higher capabilities to achieve better academic results and encouraging them to participate in more competitions outside school to widen their scopes and visions in different aspects of learning.

At last, I wish you all every success and a fruitful year ahead. I hope every one of you will treasure your time and the resources offered by our college and make the best out of them.

Thank you.
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