P.L.K. Vicwood K.T.Chong Sixth Form CollegeP.L.K. Vicwood K.T.Chong Sixth Form College
Annie Sze-to
B.A. in Modern Languages & Culture, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Currently serving an art organization in Hong Kong
There was all the space I wanted when I sought for knowledge and all the guidance and encouragement I needed when I despaired. The part of me which I found at K.T. Chong still blossoms now.
Idy Cheung
B.Soc.Sc. in Government and Laws, University of Hong Kong
Labour Department
Momo Mo
B.J. in Journalism, University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Broadband Network
This college gave me a lot of opportunities to explore myself. Here, you are free to study, to play, to organize any activities you can think of, and teachers here would give you full support.
 Connie Lam
B.A. in Fashion and Textiles, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Calvin Klein Jeans

Yvoone Tam
B.Econ. in Economics, University of Hong Kong
Catholic Ming Yuen Secondary School
Inspired by my school life at the Sixth Form College, I am now glad to tell everyone that I am a school teacher. As the old saying goes “knowledge is the key to success.”
Pui Ki Luk
B.Sc. in Hotel Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Further study: M.A. in Chinese Literature, Language & Culture, Hong Kong Baptist University


Piko Wong
5As in HKAL Exam 2009
Global Business, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Cho Ki Chan
2As in HKAL Exam 2007
Politics & Public Administration and Sociology, University of Hong Kong
I am really glad to have the best teachers and study environment there. Teachers and students there walk along the same line.
Janet Lau
2As in HKAL Exam 2009
Journalism & Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yuen Kei Lui & Yuen Kin Lui
3As + 3As in HKAL Exam 2009
Quantitative Finance & Risk Management Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Quantitative Finance, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Yuen Kei: The teachers were so kind that if you asked them about the teaching materials, they would undoubtedly explain it to you one more time after class. I absolutely have no regret for joining KTC as a big family. I want to thank KTC for leading me to where I am now and KTC will always be in my mind.
Yuen Kin: The teachers there were not only good at teaching vividly but also good at taking care of students’ personal development. The experience I had at KTC was rewarding and valuable.
Tracey Chan
4As in HKAL Exam 2008
Psychology, Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Sixth Form College had a good learning environment, friendly teachers, and helpful classmates.