School News

Hall Activities 6 March 2019

On 6th March, the BAFS Society, Economic Society and THS Society organized lunch activities in the hall.  A henna drawing service was provided to schoolmates and teachers.  Participants could learn about this unique cultural practice originating from ancient Egypt and India.  Also, a game booth about economic concepts was set up and free prizes were given to game winners.  Last but not least, thank you for the promotional work done by the BAFS Society, the poster was eye-catching.

KTC Robotics Team Entering International ROBOFEST in US

A team of 4 students from our school participated in 2019 ROBOTFEST- BottleSumo [機械人大賽(國際賽- 機械人相撲大賽] in March and succeeded in entering the International ROBOFEST held by Lawrence Technolog

Careers & Life Planning Talk for S5 Students on Multiple Pathways 1 March 2019

Careers & Life Planning Talk for S5 Students on Multiple Pathways

1 March 2019


Joint School Oral Practice 28 February 2019

On 28th February, over 40 S.6 students participated in a Joint School Speaking Practice hosted by Stewards Pooi Kei College (SPKC) in Shatin. Together with over a hundred students from Hong Kong Taoist Association The Yuen Yuen Institute No.2 Secondary School, Ling Liang Church M.H. Lau Secondary School and the host, SPKC, they exchanged experience in learning English and speaking techniques. Our students were actively engaged in the group discussions. Teachers from all four schools also shared with students the technique tackling the speaking exams.

Clean Up Hiking Trail 13 February 2019

Clean Up Hiking Trail

13th February, 2019

Mock Interview Workshops for S6 Students 21 February 2019

Mock Interview Workshops for S6 Students

21 February 2019

Visit to Tai Kwun 8 January 2019

Visit to Tai Kwun


In order to broaden students’ horizon and cultivate their sense of history and heritage, 31 F.6 students who are taking Chinese History or Tourism and Hospitality Studies, accompanied by 3 teachers, visited Tai Kwun on 8 January 2019.


Visit to T Park 10 December 2018

Visit to T Park

A multi-disciplinary team of teachers and students paid an insightful and interesting trip to T Park outside Tuen Mun on the 10th 0f December. This plant is both a carbon neutral water processing plant and a leisure facility and as such proved to be fascinating for not only our science students but also our tourism and hospitality students.

The Young Mentor Training Camp 09-10 November 2018

The Young Mentor Training Camp 9-10 November 2018

The Young Mentor training camp was held on 9th November to 10th November at the Don Bosco Youth Centre at Cheung Chau. 38 students participated in the team-building and adventure-based activities and they gained a lot of valuable experience. They were able to learn how to face challenges and solve problems collaboratively.

AFS Cultural Fair 2018 24 November 2018

AFS Cultural Fair 2018