S4 Academic Talk 2022

“We’re going to be hit by the train!” said Violet. The girl, together with her brother and baby sister, is locked in the car by Count Olaf, who plans to kill them and inherit the money left by their parents. In the end, the children narrowly escape being killed. How do they save their own lives? This was the question posed to the S4 students after the video clip was played. The answers were quite obvious: being calm when a problem arises, identifying the problem, trying every possible way, looking for helpful information, applying the information, working together and thinking outside the box. These problem solving skills were highlighted in the S4 Academic Talk held in the Mentor Period on Oct 14, 2022. The second part of the talk was hosted by Alumnus Sunny Lau, the founder of WASP HK LTD. He talked about the strategies for overcoming challenges and the importance of setting goals. Students were particularly intrigued by his sharing about how he handled his part-time job while he was a secondary 4 student. One of the audiences, who designs picture books in his leisure time and sells them online, was invited by Sunny to go on stage to share his experience of running the part-time ‘picture book business’.