The College's Tutorial System

The College is characterized by its tutorial system, which takes the form of small group teaching. Basically, one tutorial lesson is arranged each week, and students are engaged in a variety of student-centred activities, such as group discussions, presentations, debates, case studies and laboratory work.

Tutorials are arranged with the aim of consolidating what students have learnt in lectures and developing their initiative in learning, their analytical power as well as critical thinking through effective two-way communication.

Co-operation between subject teachers and tutors is much emphasized.  The teaching materials used in tutorial lessons and lesson plans are collaborative work of all teachers involved.  They agree on the teaching points, such as the skills students are expected to master and use the same guidelines and materials designed.  Evaluation of the scheme of work for tutorials is held annually and revision is made accordingly to ensure effectiveness of the system.

Teachers exercise great flexibility in allocation of students to respective tutorial groups. A transfer of students after a term is made as long as the teachers find it fit. The College hopes that the students can benefit from this system which emphasizes interesting, interactive learning and teaching.