Important Documents and Plans 重要文件和計劃

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Guidelines for handling school complaints

2022-2023 Uploaded Documents

Annual Plan and Budget of Learning Support Grant
After-school learning & support  Program Plan 22-23
Plan on the Use of Capacity  Enhancement Grant 2022-23
Plan for Use of the One-off Grant for Supporting the Implementation of the Senior Secondary Subject CSD
Plan on the Use of the Life-wide Learning Grant
Programme Proposal for DLG OP Programme 2022-23
Promotion of Reading Grant proposal
SF1 Annual School Plan
Sister School Plan 2022-23
NCS School Plan 22-23
NCS School Report 21-22
ASLSP (2021 2022 Report)
DLG Report 2021 2022
Evaluation on the Use of Capacity Enhancement Grant (2021 2022)
Learning Support Grant (Report 2021 2022)
Promotion of Reading Grant  (Report 2021 2022)
Report on the Use of LWL Grant 2021 2022
Report on the Use of the One-off Grant for Support the SS CSD  2021 2022
SAS Grant 2021 2022 (Report)
Sister School (2021 2022 Report)
2022-23學年國安教育工作報告及工作計劃 (2021 2022 & 2022 2023)
MCE Fund Report 2021 2022
School Report (2021 2022)

2021-2022 Uploaded Documents

Report on the Use of the Student Activities Support Grant (20-21)
After-school learning & support  Program Plan 21-22
Plan on the Use of Capacity  Enhancement Grant 2021-22
Evaluation Report on Use of the  Capacity Enhancement Grant 2020-21
DLG Plan 2021 2022
Plan on the Use of  Library Grant 2021 2022
Sister School Plan 2021-22
支援推行高中公民與社會發展科的一筆過津貼 計劃書
DLG Report 2020 2021
Reading Grant Report
中國歷史 一筆過津貼報告
LSG  2020 21 Report
LSG 2021 2022 Plan
LWL Grant Report on the Use of the Grant 2020 2021
LWLGrant Plan 2021 2022
MCE Fund Report 2020-21
School Report (2020 21)
Annual School Plan (V.10) 2021-22
School Development Plan  2021-24 (IMC)l

2020-2021 Uploaded Documents

SF1 School Report (2019 20)
Annual School Plan (2020 2021)
CEG Plan 2019 to  2020_Evaluation
CEG Plan 2020 to 2021

2019-2020 Uploaded Documents

School Report
Annual School Plan
1819 STEM Education Report
Library expenditure using the EDB grant
LSGSS Financial Report 2018-19
NEW mce fund report1819.docx
After-school learning & support Program - 19-20 ASLSP Program Plan
2019_SFC Plan on the Use of the LWLG
Plan for Sister School Exchanges and the Budget
2019-2022 DLG 3-year Plan final
CEG Plan 2018 to  2019_Evaluation  Report_Final
CEG Plan 2019 to 2020 (First  Version)

2018-2019 Uploaded Documents

School Report 2017-18

Annual School Plan 2018-19

ASLSP_ProgramPlan  18-19

2018-2021 DLG 3-year Plan_v2

CEG Plan 2018 to 2019(Final  Version)

Programme Proposal for DLG-funded    Other Programme 2018-19

School Development Plan  2018-2021

17-18 Report on Transitional   Careers & Life Planning Grant Version 2

1718 ASLSP report


Financial Report for STEM grant   1718

LSGSS Financial Report 2017-18_for   school

NEW mce fund report1718

Report on the Use of Strengthening  School Administration Management Grant

sister school report 2017-18

SSCSG Report 2017-18

Evaluation of use of the CEG Gramt  2017-18

Plan for Sister school Exchange  Programme  2018-19


2017-2018 Uploaded Documents


ASLSP Report 16-17
Annual School Plan 17-18
School Report 16-17
Programme Plan for STEM grant
Programme Proposal for DLG-fund Other Programme 17-18
Evaluation Report for DLG-fund Other Programme 16-17
DLG 3-year Plan 2017-2020
Evaluation Report on DLG-funded Other Programme 2016/2017
Programme Proposal for DLG-funded Other Programme 2017/2018
16-17 SSCSG Report 1 prepared in  2017/2018
CEG Plan 2017 to 2018
ASLSP Program Plan 17-18

2016-2017 Uploaded Documents

Senior Secondary Curriculum Support Grant in 2016/2017
DLG 3-Year Plan 2016/2019
Programme Proposal for DLG-funded Other Programme 2016-17
School Development Plan 2015/2018
Annual School Plan 2016/2017
Plan on Use of CE Grants 2016/2017
Report on Use of CE Grant 15-16
Plan of Diversity Learning Grant 14-17
Plan of Use of SSAM Grant 2016-18
Plan of School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes 2016-17
Work Plan on Life Planning Education & Career Guidance Service 2016-17
School Report 2015/2016
Evaluation report on DLG 2015/2016
Healthy School Programme