Student Affairs & OLE

Other Learning Experiences (OLE)

OLE is one of the three components that complement the core and elective subjects for the whole-person development of students. Our College offers a range of OLE opportunities encouraging students to participate in five areas, namely Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Career-related Experiences, Aesthetic Development and Physical Development.

Education in aesthetic and physical development is provided in structured lessons supplemented by whole-school functions like Sports Day and the Singing Contest. Moral and civic education and career-related experiences are provided mainly in OLE lessons on Fridays and other out-of-classroom events arranged after school, during the post-examination time, weekends or school holidays.  A wide range of extra-curricular activities will also be provided under the co-ordination of the Extra-Curricular Activities Committee.

The aims of the non-academic curriculum of this college include:

1.          broadening students' horizons in non-academic areas for the development of a balanced life;

2.          continuing the tradition of the Sixth Form College in developing self-respect and self-discipline among students;

3.          offering pastoral care through the mentor system; and

4.          developing generic skills for life long learning.

The “Community Service” element aims at enhancing students’ sense of social responsibility and caring for others. In the course of organising services activities, participation and reflection, students will not only gain knowledge that cannot be acquired in classroom, but also develop the core values and attitudes such as mutual respect and social responsibility which are essential for personal development.

The Student Learning Profile (SLP) is a summarized presentation of what a student achieves and participates in, regarding their whole-person development during the senior secondary years. Every NSS student has to participate actively in building up their own electronic SLP. The teachers will provide guidance to students throughout the process.