Important Documents and Plans

Please download the following documents by clicking the link below.

Guidelines for handling school complaints

2020-2021 Uploaded Documents

SF1 School Report (2019 20)
Annual School Plan (2020 2021)
CEG Plan 2019 to  2020_Evaluation
CEG Plan 2020 to 2021

2019-2020 Uploaded Documents

School Report
Annual School Plan
1819 STEM Education Report
Library expenditure using the EDB grant
LSGSS Financial Report 2018-19
NEW mce fund report1819.docx
After-school learning & support Program - 19-20 ASLSP Program Plan
2019_SFC Plan on the Use of the LWLG
Plan for Sister School Exchanges and the Budget
2019-2022 DLG 3-year Plan final
CEG Plan 2018 to  2019_Evaluation  Report_Final
CEG Plan 2019 to 2020 (First  Version)

2018-2019 Uploaded Documents

School Report 2017-18

Annual School Plan 2018-19

ASLSP_ProgramPlan  18-19

2018-2021 DLG 3-year Plan_v2

CEG Plan 2018 to 2019(Final  Version)

Programme Proposal for DLG-funded    Other Programme 2018-19

School Development Plan  2018-2021

17-18 Report on Transitional   Careers & Life Planning Grant Version 2

1718 ASLSP report


Financial Report for STEM grant   1718

LSGSS Financial Report 2017-18_for   school

NEW mce fund report1718

Report on the Use of Strengthening  School Administration Management Grant

sister school report 2017-18

SSCSG Report 2017-18

Evaluation of use of the CEG Gramt  2017-18

Plan for Sister school Exchange  Programme  2018-19


2017-2018 Uploaded Documents


ASLSP Report 16-17
Annual School Plan 17-18
School Report 16-17
Programme Plan for STEM grant
Programme Proposal for DLG-fund Other Programme 17-18
Evaluation Report for DLG-fund Other Programme 16-17
DLG 3-year Plan 2017-2020
Evaluation Report on DLG-funded Other Programme 2016/2017
Programme Proposal for DLG-funded Other Programme 2017/2018
16-17 SSCSG Report 1 prepared in  2017/2018
CEG Plan 2017 to 2018
ASLSP Program Plan 17-18

2016-2017 Uploaded Documents

Senior Secondary Curriculum Support Grant in 2016/2017
DLG 3-Year Plan 2016/2019
Programme Proposal for DLG-funded Other Programme 2016-17
School Development Plan 2015/2018
Annual School Plan 2016/2017
Plan on Use of CE Grants 2016/2017
Report on Use of CE Grant 15-16
Plan of Diversity Learning Grant 14-17
Plan of Use of SSAM Grant 2016-18
Plan of School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes 2016-17
Work Plan on Life Planning Education & Career Guidance Service 2016-17
School Report 2015/2016
Evaluation report on DLG 2015/2016
Healthy School Programme